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What is Pilates?

Originally developed in the 20th century by German-born Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a physical fitness system used worldwide. The Pilates technique is a form of body conditioning that emphasizes muscular balance, strength with flexibility, as well as postural improvement and neuro-muscular re-patterning. Pilates emphasizes alignment, breathing and developing a strong core. The ‘six principles of Pilates’ are commonly addressed when being practiced.

 1. Breathing

 2. Control (of movements and the body)

 3. Focusing (on the core muscles)

 4. Concentration

 5. Flow (of movement)

 6. Precision (of movement)

Who is it for?

❖ suitable for ALL age groups, the Pilates method can be modified to meet the needs of all ages and aliments.

❖ Ideal form of exercise for people suffering from spinal problems due to emphasis on core stabilization.

❖ exercises can be modified to suit problems such as immobility, pain and specific weaknesses.

❖ most suitable for post rehabilitation, pre and post-natal, postural realignment and helps chronic pain relief.

❖ Pilates can teach individuals to regain control of their bodies, posture and alignment, therefore moving more gracefully and with ease. 

❖ Individuals have reported feeling more energized and empowered with their bodies. This can be a huge step towards optimal health, especially for chronic pain sufferers.

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