Pre & Post Natal Care


Individual and Group classes

“ We deliver the results expectant mothers need”

How we help expectant mothers


❖ Achieve and maintain optimal physical fitness, posture and body mechanics during pregnancy and after delivery.


❖ Physiotherapist directed pelvic floor muscle training to prevent urinary incontinence.


❖ Physiotherapist directed core stability training to prevent and treat back and pelvic pain.

Program Highlights


❖ Screening to ensure safe participation in exercise program.


❖ Initial Assessment for posture, strength, flexibility, balance as well as any musculoskeletal issues that could have a bearing on pregnancy.


❖ Instruction on how to perform exercises safely and effectively.


❖ Individualized approach – even in a group setting.


❖ Group discussion and education regarding pre and post natal issues.


❖ Feedback to obstetrician.